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On the 20th September 1066 the first battle of 1066 was fought between an Anglo-Saxon army of some 4,500 men facing the largest Viking army to invade England, led by the War Wolf King Hardrada of Norway. The Norse number at least 7,000 warriors and their chief had only ever been on the losing side once in his life and then he had been just a boy. 20th September 2013 marks the 947th anniversary of the forgotten battle of 1066; very soon to be recounted in The War Wolf!

The year of 1066 saw the Anglo-Saxon world thrown into a desperate struggle for survival as the kingdom of England suffered two invasions at the far ends of the country.

History suggests that the outcome that we know today was inevitable but the facts offer a different view of matters.

The Anglo-Saxons were a robust people with a vibrant civilisation and their world had been born through generations of struggle and violent combat. They lived mostly on the land but they were also becoming a highly organised society with a class system that rewarded ability and a legal system that sought to bring peace and stamp out previous disruptive customs such as the blood feud. The Anglo-Saxon army was now an organised, trained and largely well equipped organisation with a system of limited conscription.

They were a proud and brave people who feared no enemy. The heads of their warriors were circled by gold, gifts given by their lords for bravery in battle. Whether Viking or Norman the Saxon would bow to no one, armed with sword or spear or axe the Saxon warrior would stand his ground to protect the ones he loved.

This spirit was epitomised by the huscarl; the professional warrior elite of the Saxon army. Dressed in chain mail, armed with a sword decorated in gold, carrying their large circular shields the huscarls were amongst the most formidable of fighting men of their day and this, The Sorrow Song Trilogy, is their story.

The Forgotten Battle of 1066

Most British people can name at least one battle from 1066; the Battle of Hastings. In fact this is the one event that seems to encapsulate the very essence of 1066 as a subject; the killing of King Harold and (almost) inevitable Norman Conquest of England.

Some people can also name a second, earlier encounter; the Battle of Stamford Bridge. It is often reported that this is the battle that fatally injured King Harold’s Saxon army, along with the forced route march from London to York and back again to reach Hastings, making the Norman Conquest of England (almost) inevitable.

But why did King Harold have to march north to save his kingdom and let the Normans land in the south unopposed? The answer is because there was a third battle, one that preceded Stamford Bridge; the forgotten battle of 1066.

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The First Chapter of The War Wolf available to download Now!

In preparation for the publishing of The War Wolf later this month the first chapter is offered to whet your appetite.

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First Chapter

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First Reviews:

The first review of my book is in. Amazon.com customer ‘Archeo girl’ wrote:

“Right from the beginning I was hooked. A fantastic look at the events leading up to and including the battle of Fulford. Great historical content that doesn't swamp the reader or the story at its heart. Great lyrical style, great characters, and very good pacing throughout. Not once was I bored. Cannot wait for the second book. Would definitely recommend (and have) this book.”

Amazom.co.uk customer ‘Mel’ wrote:

“I received my copy yesterday and just can not put it down. Truly fascinating, well written, and educational. I love this book!”

The War Wolf published!

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